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DER Repairs


Absolute Aviation Services offers a wide variety of FAA approved DER repairs designed to reduce cost, improve reliability, and/or allow for replacement of obsolete parts. DERs might apply to subcomponents that are integrated into the overall repair of an LRU, or encompass the LRU in its entirety. The savings experienced with high-cost, high-removal units can be significant.

Types of DER Repairs

  • Component Maintenance Repairs with Fabricated Parts: Such repairs are used in conjunction with the existing CMM and take advantage of lower cost FAA approved fabricated parts. In addition to cost savings, units may be prevented from becoming non-repairable due to obsolete or otherwise non-procurable parts.

  • DER Repair with No Component Maintenance Manual: Many expendable parts can be repaired and returned to services rather than being replaced and disposed of. The repair cost is significantly less than buying new without sacrificing reliability. Let us turn your expendable into an extendable (rotable).

  • Component Maintenance Repairs with Fabricated Parts and Additional Repair Procedure: ¬†This is a hybrid method that includes the use of fabricated parts (described in the first bullet above) with the added benefit of additional FAA approved repair procedures that are not currently outlined in the CMM.


Absolute Repair Capabilities
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